Callan Club Plus

Callan Club Plus

Has life been a bit busy lately?

If you feel that for the next month you might have a bit less time for English lessons, you don’t have to take a break from learning! With Callan Club, you can stay in touch without committing to several lessons a week.

Improve your English with:

  • lesson4 lessons with a native tutor
  • question and answerQA exercises
  • dictationvideo dictations
  • extre practicetest exercises
  • audiobookaudiobooks

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Callan Club extends your access to the interactive platform so that you can still do all the exercises you’ve unlocked so far. You also get four lessons to keep your English skills fresh and learn some new material, at the cost of only 25 minutes per week.

4 private online English lessons

A twenty-five minute online lesson with a native English speaking tutor who will:

  • teach you new vocabulary and grammar

  • correct your mistakes

  • improve your pronunciation

You will be speaking English all the time – it’s fast, fun and effective!

Interactive Platform

Practise listening, reading, speaking, listening comprehension, writing and spelling 

  • read or listen to the questions

  • record your answers

  • compare them with the correct answers

  • repeat as often as you like until your answers and your pronunciation are perfect

  • Callan audiobooks - listen to them in your spare time

  • more than 360 test exercises - check your understanding

  • Interactive video dictations - just type what you hear and click submit to view your mistakes.  Try again the next day to improve your result.

You will be amazed much you have achieved with the Callan Club!