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Mike A Jupp

Description: Hi! I am an experienced Callan Method Tutor and Tutor Trainer. I have been teaching with Callan Online for 5 years. Before this, I taught at the Callan School in Oxford Street, London for two and a half years. I am experienced in one-to-one teaching and look forward to helping you improve your English.

ACCENT: British Lessons taught: 10701

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Student's comments

Always great to do the lesson with Mike. I'm happy because I'm learning English. Do not make me more afraid the 25 minutes

Marianna (Italian, 43 years old)

Great lessons! I am learning very much!

Gislene (Brazilian, 57 years old)

What a great teacher! I have to admit that this time I was very positively surprised as well. During those 25 minutes online I learned more than during "normal" two-hour lesson. Mike brilliantly draws attention to the pronunciation and well explains the meaning of new words. I am sure that I come back to him yet.

Agnieszka M. (Polish, 41 years old)