Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What do I need to take a lesson with Callan Online?
A. All you need is a computer with internet connection and headset, a free Skype account and the appropriate Callan Method study book or e-book.

Do I need books?
A. Yes, you need books and can buy them on our shop
The new Callan Method 2012 edition books, e-books, CDs and MP3s are now available.

Q. I don't speak English at all; can I still learn with this method?
A. Yes. The Callan Method has been designed to teach English at all levels. Thanks to its universal structure, based on repetition, you can succeed even if you cannot say a single sentence at the beginning.

Q. Who will teach me?
A. All the Tutors offering lessons through Callan Online are native English speakers. They have been tested and are regularly monitored by senior trainers from the Callan School London so you can be confident that they are teaching the Method correctly. We recommend that you take lessons with a number of different tutors so that you hear different voices and accents.

Q. How do I check if my Internet connection is good enough?
A. Click this link ( to check Skype performance.

Q. I don't have a webcam. Can I still take a Callan Online lesson?
A. A webcam is highly recommended, in order that your teacher can see your mouth and correct your pronunciation, and also see your reactions and make sure you understand properly. You can still have a lesson without a webcam, but it will be less effective.

Q. Is Callan Online compatible with iOS?
A. The Callan Online website can be viewed and used from any OS and any internet browser. Currently the Callan Interactive Practice Materials can only be viewed on browsers with Flash installed.

Q. Which payment methods do you accept?
A. The Callan Shop accepts all major credit and debit cards and Paypal.

Q. What happens if the teacher doesn't call me?
A. If your teacher for whatever reason doesn't call you at the agreed time, please contact the helpdesk. We will refund a lesson credit to your account so you can book a replacement lesson at a time to suit you.

Q. What happens it the connection breaks and I can't complete the lesson?
A. If the lesson can't be completed because of a fault with the teacher's connection, please contact the helpdesk and the lesson will be rearranged. However if the lesson can't be completed due to problems with your internet connection, then the lesson cannot be refunded or rearranged.

Q. Can I leave feedback after a lesson?
A. We welcome your feedback. To leave your comments about a lesson or a teacher just click Feedback in your profile

Q. How do Callan Method stages compare with CEFR levels?
A. The Callan Method maps to the CEFR framework as follows:
Callan Stage 1: Beginner level, CEFR Low end of A1
Callan Stage 2: Post-beginner level, CEFR A1
Callan Stage 3: Lower elementary level, CEFR A1, early A2
Callan stage 4: Upper elementary level, CEFR A2, early B1
Callan Stage 5: Lower intermediate level, CEFR B1, lower B2
Callan Stage 6: Intermediate level, CEFR B1, B2
Callan Stage 7: Intermediate level, CEFR B1, B2
Callan Stage 8: Upper intermediate level, CEFR B2
Callan Stage 9: Upper intermediate level, CEFR B2
Callan Stage 10: Upper Intermediate level, CEFR High B2
Callan Stage 11: Advanced, CEFR C1
Callan Stage 12: Advanced, CEFR C1

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