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English eBooks 1-12

Select the course that is the best for you from the list below and speak English fluently.

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    The perfect way to start your adventure with Callan Online! No matter what stage you're at, if you want to see how we work, start with this short course. Commit to one week of lessons. Get used to the Callan Method and see the difference daily lessons can make after only five days!

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    Monthly course with native-level tutors. Every week you will have 3 private lessons - 25 minutes each.

    £ 108.00
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    Monthly course with native-level tutors.  Every week you will have 5 private lessons - 25 minutes each.

    £ 170.00
  • £ 330.00 In Stock

    Monthly course with native-level tutors. Every week you will have 10 private lessons - 25 minutes each.

    £ 330.00
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    Packages of online lessons. Take as many lessons a week as you wish. Each lesson is 25 minutes long.

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    Has life been a bit busy lately? If you feel that for the next month you might have a bit less time for English lessons, you don’t have to take a break from learning! With Callan Club, you can stay in touch without committing to several lessons a week. Improve your English with: 4 lessons with a native tutor QA exercises video dictations test...

    £ 35.00
  • £ 380.00 In Stock

    Callan for Business is a comprehensive business English course consisting of 66 lessons. SAVE £200 when you pay upfront. The course includes: 66 one-to-one online lessons, Free eBook, Correction of written work, Completion certificate.

    £ 380.00